Why Remote To PC chose Startup Notice

By: Guest Blogger Steve White

Getting noticed is hard, especially for a fledgling Tech Startup. For our startup, RemoteToPC.com we not only needed backlinks, but we also needed beta testers. While there are some sites out there that promise that they are “Free”, they usually have some sort of scam where, after you have spent all kinds of time entering all of the information through their screens, then they hit you with some sort of BS about being so super busy that it will take them months to even consider listing your startup, or you can skip the big wait if you’ll just pay them $100.

Needless to say, I didn’t pay the $100, because money is scarce, and we needed every penny for development.  StartupNotice promised a free listing, and there was no surprise at the end. Free meant Free.  They do have a donation page, but it’s not required for a listing.

I really do have a problem with dishonesty, and so I appreciate StartupNotice.com doing what they said, and not trying to pull any slick moves at the end like the other Startup Directory sites we looked at do.

-Steve White, President @ RemoteToPC.com – RemoteToPC provides a PC monitoring, alerts and remote access tool designed specifically for IT people.